Why an Unbranded Builder can Hurt Your Life Savings

Buying your dream home is always a tricky and important decision of your life as it involves a lot of factors to be considered. And one of the major factors in selecting the real estate developer is selecting a brand as it is a natural buyer tendency that once we start looking out for properties, we find out what reputed brands are offering in the market. If you go for the branded developer you will always be at immense ease and comfort as there are various merits attached to the same. And if by any chance you select the property from an unbranded developer, it is sure to hurt your life savings and several other personal and professional aspects of life.

Below mentioned are the 5 reasons why not to select an unbranded developer:

Delay in the completion of the project:

This is one of the major negative traits of unbranded developers. They delay the construction milestones that further delay and hamper the final possession of the apartment affecting your financial, personal, and professional endeavors. But there are some of the projects such as Ajmera Nucleus in Bangalore Electronic City from the branded developer house of the Ajmera Group assuring timely construction milestones and possession.

Tampering with RERA Norms:

Even though the Government authorities are quite strict and stringent with their RERA norms but various unbranded developers tamper the same for their ulterior motives.

Low-grade amenities and facilities:

Unbranded developers offer highly affordable prices that result in the low-grade and quality of amenities and facilities within the project.

Low R.O.I:

Whenever you plan to sell the property bought from the unbranded developer you will get low R.O.I. as the aspects of location connectivity, amenities, market value, and construction quality amongst others are not up to the mark.

Difficulty in Home Loan Sanctions:

Selecting an unbranded developer also has an effect on your home loan as banks and financial institutions always approve the projects that are from the branded developers in the market.

Ajmera Electronic City project in Bangalore offering 2 BHK in Ajmera Nucleus and 3 BHK in Ajmera Nucleus is revered and regarded as one of the finest projects in the city as it comes from the through and strong brand legacy of the Ajmera Group.

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