Is 2BHK Flats Are The Most Demanded Property Type for Real Estate Investment?

Whenever a buyer or an investor looks out for the property as a real estate investment or as an end-user, the biggest dilemma that he faces is to what configuration to buy. And the choice between 1 and 2 BHK raises a lot of questions in the mind of the buyer that makes him ponder over his decision plus he consults a lot of people within his social and professional circle. And his predicament is totally correct as there is a difference of money involved between the selection of 1 and 2 BHK apartments. 

Below mentioned are some of the valid reasons to what makes 2 BHK in Electronic City, 2 BHK in South Bangalore, or any other location, the most desirable investment option: 

Cost-Effective: Experts suggest that rather than buying a studio apartment or a 1 BHK apartment, go for 2 BHK homes by paying a little extra. They work as a perfect realty option for nuclear families with or without kids or parents. There are many developers in the city of Bangalore that are coming up with 2 BHK homes rather than 3 BHK in Electronic City and other locations owing to the increase in their demand. 

Easy Maintenance: 2 BHK homes are quite easy to furnish and maintain owing to the square feet area that is neither too large nor too small. 

Appreciation Value: Owing to the increase in demand of 2 BHK, they come with an added advantage of higher appreciation value working as a great deal for the investors. 

Ajmera Nucleus is the finest Property in Electronic City Bangalore offering 2 BHK homes along with 3 BHK area configurations adorned with a diverse selection of amenities and facilities elevating the lifestyle quotient of the residents.

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